Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Second Manifesto of Neo-Decadence

1. A goat wanders at random, putting things in its mouth.


3. The kidneys are the prime organ of Neo-Decadence. The pink Gemini. Filtering. Most educated people have equally educated kidneys, which means they try to tell stories instead of pissing when needed. Keep an eye out for these creatures and their awards.

4. No precedence is given to the Decadent writers of the 19th century, their modes or milieu. Neo-Decadence is more likely to cross 1990s video game dialogue with the structure of a 16th century picaresque to discuss a drug deal in present day Mongolia. Fealty and earnestness can only hold back progress. We do not have saints, and we consume our idols.

5. Literature is not a guild system. Academies and workshops: a parade of inbred dogs with each generation more unfit than the last.

6. Writing can be neither sincere nor authentic; these are the cliches of the ranks of the dead. Style is a mute scream in symbols - that's all.

7. There is nothing to learn, but much to steal.